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The idea of organizing a rondalla must have been born during the latter part of Spanish rule in the Philippines when the guitar was introduced.

Added to the guitar was other string instruments that pre-Spanish Filipinos played and nine other instrument that were added much later.

A girl was not seen alone with a man; he did not touch them, not even her hands when talking to each other they were always an arm's length apart.

A man got to know a woman only by being a friend of the woman's trusted friend who would help in case he wanted to have the opportunity to see the girl of his dreams.

About Marriage MARRIAGE is a sacred to the Filipinos.

One becomes the butt of jokes if he or she remains single.

All together these instruments formed the nucleus of the rondalla.

This was repeated as many times for as long as the players are not tired of the game.They first engage into discussions regarding the latest happenings and when the proper climate is established, the man's father states the purpose of their visit, which is to ask for the girl's hand in marriage.The girl's parents are not expected to agree immediately.Once he was permitted, his formal visit was in full attendance of the older members of the family who also participated in the conversation.The hardest test was how to convince the girl to say yes because the woman played hard to get. When the man finally succeeded, the girl was strictly chaperoned during their date so that he was not even able to whisper romantic words.

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A man who had the courage to ask for a date had to pass several tests.