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It would be nice if you use and love Ruby, but not required.

- You believe software is written for humans, not computers. [LOCAL | RELOCATE OK]We're a YC company wrangling Saa S to work together (as they should), starting by bringing the biggest apps our customers use right into Gmail.

We're comfortable with telecommute, however, since we work with HIPPA, you must be in the U.

S.* We help medical researchers (especially those working with autistic children) manage their data.* We both use and produce free and open source software (YAML, HTSQL, and soon Rex DB).* We are a Javascript, Python, Postgre SQL, and Linux consulting and custom development group.* We have a Rex DB Saa S offering that is typically hosted on university networks.* Our clients (and users) have demanding problems; they are appreciative, smart & fun.* Our work is primarily funded through foundations and grants (we'll never be flush with cash).

You cant sleep at night knowing you left something not DRYd- You have architected and developed end-to-end products that are currently running business applications on a production environment- You have an obsessive attention to detail- You thrive when you are working closely with others on a small team- You want to build stuff that solves real human problems- You can explain the differences, chemical and philosophical, between a lager and an IPA- You have a panic attack if you dont push code before noon- You dont care that the moving industry isnt sexy- You would rather make money than make the front page of Tech Crunch (though we do that too)Compensation Market salary and meaningful equity is available. No freelancers or recruiters need apply.https:// Metamedia : Koh Samui, Thailand : javascript, backbone, node, redis [ talented Snr Javascript Developer ]Work in a focussed nimble team building technology that powers the next generation of social video sharing.

We are looking for (deep breath...)Devops, mid-level and Head of Operations: About Us- Were passionate about building software that dramatically improves the customer experience, end-to-end, around moving.A little bit about us: - We write custom software of all shapes and sizes for clients all over the US - Though everyone here is fluent in Ruby, we don't artificially limit ourselves. - 2.5 hours from Chicago and Detroit, less than an hour to the beach. Founders Brewery (a mile from our office) has 3 beers in the Beer Advocate top 15. Just look here: - If youre renting anything larger than a breadbox in the Bay Area or NYC, you can afford a house here.In the past few months, I've worked with Objective-C, (inside Phone Gap), Angular.js, Ruby (of course) and a little bit of Java and C#. We recognize that we each have lives, activities, and families outside of work. I bought a nice house with a mortgage payment 30% lower than the rent of my 1 bedroom apartment in Mountain View. - You love writing software, and you have a few years of experience doing it. Youve used a lot of technologies, but youre not afraid to use more.3SXo Zgw XBackend/systems developers to work on our core services (we call it Service Engineering): Our web product is at the heart of it.- We are also working with a world-class set of investors and advisors, who youll have the opportunity to meet and interact with on a regular basis.About You- You are fluent in Javascript our stack is MEAN: Mongo/Express/Angular/Node (and Backbone)- You are passionate about code and elegant solutions, and want to work with others who are similarly so.

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But there's still so much polish and improvement possible.