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Www dating volga ru

Its existence was brief - 1793 to 1806, but by its end many German settlers had established Protestant agricultural settlements within its earlier borders.From already-Prussian Silesia to the southwest some German Roman Catholics also entered the region.Tsarina Catherine II was a German, born in Stettin in Pomerania, now Szczecin in Poland.She proclaimed open immigration for foreigners wishing to live in the Russian Empire on July 22, 1763, marking the beginning of a much larger presence for Germans in the Empire.The French Emperor incorporated it and other territories into the Duchy of Warsaw.After Napoleon's defeat in 1815, however, the Duchy was divided.Some became Polonized, however, and their descendants remain in Poland.

Moving to Russia gave German immigrants political rights that they would not have possessed in their own lands.Germans and Dutch settled its valley starting from the Baltic Sea and moving further south with time.Eventually, Prussia acquired most of the Vistula's watershed, and the central portion of then-Poland became South Prussia.Religious minorities found these terms very agreeable, particularly Mennonites from the Vistula River valley.Their unwillingness to participate in military service, and their long tradition of dissent from mainstream Lutheranism and Calvinism, made life under the Prussians very difficult for them.

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Today's Russian Germans mostly speak Russian as they are in the gradual process of assimilation.