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Imaginations have made Paul Walker's indiscretions untouchable.

Though harm perpetrated by others in authority isn't uncommon and comes in all forms.

But for a sandwich spokesperson who got caught having sex with a minor, there is no pass. Yet for some, comparing someone like Jared Fogle to Hollywood actor Paul Walker is unheard of. He recently plead guilty to multiple disturbing charges related to him having sex with minors and owning a massive library of child pornography.

One's a disgusting predator, sentenced to what he deserves. To be clear, Walker was never caught with child pornography, that's where they differ.

The two influential men may have had different ways of finding victims, but what difference does it make what medium used when both chose to exploit power and wealth to get exactly what they wanted from younger girls? Some will point to the fact that what Fogle did is immensely more sadistic because of the nature of his crimes; and if Walker was in fact doing the same thing as Fogle, why was he never brought to the police by friends, peers or girlfriend’s family?

Great question, but regardless of how the two were received by those around them or why their victims chose to stay silent, in the state of California, Walker's transgressions were illegal — both of them.

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Yet as anyone now knows, turning a blind eye in Hollywood is also a societal norm, especially when those involved are making other people lots and lots of money.

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