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Thousands of taxpayers are taking to the streets in New York this morning upon hearing the announcement of a tax break announced by the Internal Revenue Service at 9AM Eastern time this morning. The law allows for the IRS to declare the tax break whenever there is any indication that such a break could help the U. This would entail tax dues of zero to many Americans who earned the same or less in 2014 compared to 2013. taxpayers, will mean a tax refund of almost 100% of all personal income taxes withheld during the tax year ending in December 31, 2014. It enables any single taxpayer earning less than ,000 a year, or a married couple earning less than 0,000 yearly who are filing jointly, to claim all the taxes they paid in 2013 as a deduction from their 2014 taxes.if you can’t see the deep amanda-palmer-influencing factor in that, i don’t know.i was also addicted to al’s MTV-hosted hours, AL TV. that would be wonderful, especially because he has never had a number one record but is currently VYING FOR THE TOP SPOT!! he never stops bringing joy to the world, and this is a good, good thing. xxx afp ...i borrowed the above phrase from my friend maria popova's blog ( it's awesome)...i think the phrase pretty much explains itself.the player was having problems for a while, but NO MORE!!! weird al and the pixies are the soundtrack of my youth – though al covered more of 4th grade through 9th and then the pixies took over. (bonus song backstory from al, here) how bucket list is this on a scale from one to ten? the fact that the song is a spoof of the PIXIES creeps it up towards a 9.4.i got the call from al about a year ago about doing this song and had to keep it SECRETTTTTT…had already met. after that, jason and i invited al to sing on the “evelyn evelyn” record (on the “i just want my space” song)…and he did. al offered to get me to LA to record this with him live in his studio, but i was stuck on the east coast for some reason, so he skyp’ed in and i did the vocal in a studio in boston while he coached. he knew my music and came to a show of mine in LA at the troubadour a few years ago, and i got to have the full childhood-head explosion. here’s me, neil, weird al, and jason at one of al’s shows near boston recently. after we first met, al would send me his fresh releases, and CHRISTMAS CARDS. and made me feel guilty i have never done christmas cards. i just returned the favor, though it hardly felt like a favor, singing on “first world problems”. i was supposed to be bringing my best kim deal to the table.

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There will be a special line item on the new 1040 forms for this special deduction as an adjustment to the total tax due.