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The List View control, when combined with the new Web Designer and rich CSS support in VS 2008, enables you to build much cleaner HTML UI.

in Beta2, though, does have some limitations in that it can't by default be driven off of a querystring value - which makes it not very SEO friendly.Specifically, we only want to display 6 products at a time on the page, and provide a nice page number UI to allow users to navigate forward and backwards over our product sequence. NET 3.5 is the control - which makes data paging scenarios with the List View control pretty easy.You can drop it anywhere you want on a page, and set its "Paged Control ID" property to point at the List View, and its "Page Size" property to indicate how many items in the List View you want displayed at a time: The automatically uses LINQ to SQL's built-in support for server-side data paging to ensure that only 6 products (because the Page Size is 6) are ever retrieved from the database at a time.Once we have created our master pages layouts, we can then create a new product catalog page for the site that is based on the single-column nested master page (click below for a full screen picture): Notice above how we can edit the page using the new VS 2008 Split View mode feature.Above I'm using the "Vertical Split View" option so that I can see both the source and design view on a wide-screen monitor.

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