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Hope you can convince whoever that it would be beneficial...

Wonder if its possible we can have a Board or Section for those with SGO's? Hi I know what you are going through, we have 3 children (2 nephews 1 niece) that live with us under special guardianship orders the older 2 (boys) have no contact with their birth parents, they saw the oldest 1 twice in the first six weeks after his birth then stopped, they didn't see the youngest one at all, my niece after a long court battle with parents gets to see her birth parents twice a year for 2 hours each( they can't have contact together he is controlling) she hates contact she doesn't know who they are, they insist they call her mum and dad, we have been told by the people who cover her contact that she gets nothing from these sessions, they dont interact with her, she plays more with the support worker than she does with either parent but she will have to carry on going untill they decide not to turn up, she is 4 she was in foster care from 14 months till she came to live with us at nearly 3, how do tell a little girl that she has to go she has no choice, it's heartbreaking dropping her off knowing that I have to walk out of the contact session with her in tears.

She is reluctant to let me hqve her medical records.

I will mention it at our next staff meeting but it may be that there are not enough of you to create a separate board just yet.

"Non-biological parents" is a bit of a funny title perhaps but it is your board!

Apologies if I have commented on a post I'm not welcome on.

I am new to this website, and am struggling to create a new post of my own.

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