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Most intimidating entrance music

Nothing exemplifies what Manny means to the Philippines more than his ability to straddle many fields: professional singer, boxer and politician, who will be running for president of the Philippines soon.He continues to live in the Philippines in his hometown of General Santos City, South Cotabato, despite the fact that his wealth affords him options to live anywhere.Music has been an instrumental part of the most memorable entrances and has become inextricably linked with the sport.

§ § § Like Manny, Floyd Mayweather’s career has been inextricably linked with music. During training, he listens to hip-hop, soul and funk music.

Floyd Mayweather stood prancing in his dressing room at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, long after his cue to enter the arena for the fight against Oscar de la Hoya on May 5, 2007.

When his handler propped a Mexican sombrero on his head, Mayweather adjusted it with his gloves and walked out stone-faced adorned in a robe with the colors of the Mexican flag, while superstar 50 Cent walked alongside him rapping “Straight to the Bank.” Mayweather then proceeded to make taco meat out of De la Hoya during the fight.

The evolution of the boxing entrance can only be likened to the evolution of Earth Wind and Fire’s increasingly elaborate and extravagant live performances. “Liston used to be a hoodlum, now he is our cop; he was the big Negro we pay to keep sassy Negroes in line,” Murray Kempton wrote in referring to his distaste for then-named Cassius Clay. Angry and off kilter, more than likely as a result of their antics, Liston lost to Ali.

In the symbolism of EWF’s pyrotechnic experience, which included levitating guitars and pianos and vanishing Egyptian pyramids, there was always a story. This was the conclusion Kempton came to as Ali and Drew Bundini Brown, Ali’s trainer and cornerman, continued to give Liston grief leading up to the fight–going to his house at 3am with a bus emblazoned with a sign that read “Must Go Down in Eight,” while shouting he was gonna “whoop Liston right now! At the weigh-in, he and Bundini yelled over and over: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee AAAAHHH! In a thinking man’s sport, you have to fight smart, not angry.

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“I have oldies, some known favorites and then live entrances with a song by the artist leading me into the ring. Whether it’s a ring walk or weigh-in entrance, I can get a great recording artist like Lil’ Wayne, Justin Bieber or Rick Ross to perform, and I know my fans will love that even more.” § § § Boxing has always brought out ostentatious and bombastic displays from its athletes and their handlers, from Jack Johnson’s expensive cars and clothes and his refusal to keep his hands off white women to Muhammad Ali’s charismatic boasting and rhyming and Bundini Brown’s hype man sensibilities.