Military dating tango

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Military dating tango

Make sure to check out our locations in the aforementioned states and be on the lookout as Hotel Tango’s spirits possibly come to your state next!! T-shirts and jeans are his daily attire and, most importantly, his hair is likely spot on for the day.Travis has always loved the craft of distilling and working in the heart of vibrant Indianapolis, Indiana. When not managing the distillery, he enjoys spending time at home with his wife, working in the yard and playing golf when possible.The tasting room offers a unique experience that each customer can come in, try each spirit and learn more about the products.Early on in their existence, Hotel Tango has put its mark on not only Indiana but Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Texas and there is no signs of slowing down!Fletcher doesn’t always drink Rum and Cokes, but when he does, he wants them right meow.

Our delicious handcrafted cocktails are inspired by each spirit that is made by our master distillers.Travis, Hilary, Adam, and Nabeela all met as law students at Indiana University Robert H. All while Nabeela was dating Brian, who at the time, was an MBA student at the University of Indianapolis.Over Christmas break of their 3rd year of law school, Travis took an interest in spirit distillation and had a custom still commissioned.As law students, the group also took an interest in Indiana’s liquor laws and noticed an enticing opportunity that was simply too good to pass up.The name “Hotel Tango” reflects Travis’s military roots.

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Also, law school is where he met his wife, who has been a driving factor in where Hotel Tango is today.