Is duane martin dating who is dating lee pace

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Is duane martin dating

Don't be a hater all your life,that woman looks good at 40 something.. There is a reason why African American women have such high HIV and AIDS rates. A lot of celebs read that site, and you know what they say "a hit dog will holler".

You don't have to be 20 to be a she looks better than some in their twenties.. Everytime I see this chick, I just have to shake my head. Her husband turned out to be corrupt, which was one of the causes of the island losing their independence and going under British Rule after 33 years. I just wish more of my sisters would refrain from casual sex and especially unsafe sex. My boyfriend I've known for a long time and I mean I KNOW him. She knows FULL well having worked with Duane Martin that Will Smith and Duane Martin are LOVERS. Everytime something is true some celeb will tweet something like "rumors r so crazy.

And I'm like: "Girl, if you don't say what the director wants you to say." It wasn't that serious at first, but it went there. We might all be on our damn period at any given point. I don't think is too comfortable with the fact that they replace Stacy with a 28yr old. All that so called sex appeal which is contrived to the 1000th power is simply cover. Duane got that show because Will wanted his man to have a JOB LOL And Tisha looking like a "MAN"sure does not bother Martin if you know what I mean LMAO Duane Martin is VERY successful behind the scenes being owner of one of the most successful sports management teams as well as real estate dealings. Half the shyt I already know is true but its hilarious to me that you are willing to blab it and that there are still folks out there that believe the bullshyt behind these celebs..

Y is it that you never hear whites putting down their people,and trust,they are not all attractive. But women are not the only ones Exploited in the Industry. And with people like Will Smith..subvert and laugh at people who don't know and they exploit that.....the way to the BANK. And they use their children to spread subversive messages to other children. Her motives may not be pure but knowledge is power. But others are listening and they may gain something of VALUE. And it's not just about the "INDUSTRY" as women we have to smart. Neyo can't even hide it LOL They don't call him Gay Songz for nothing. Also when he visited a local university here (before he blew up), I heard he ran a train on the AKAs. The person who was his like MAN was this low rent singer named Brandon Hines.

As for Duane Martin, there have been too many rumors for a long length of time. Lisa Raye is so beautiful, but she shows her D-list status as a celebrity everytime she speaks. Anyway, he didnt need a job from Will Smith, thats where you lost me... » Esperanza Spalding’s #Black Girl Magic Is Set To Takeover Harvard University The 'Updated' Beyonce Wax Figure Is STILL A Problem» Fight Footage Between Migos' Entourage & XXXTentacion Surfaces, Cardi B Is Dragged Into The Beef UCLA Baller Li Angelo Ball & Teammates Back In US After Shoplifting In China» Wendy Williams’ Husband Kevin Hunter Still Parading His Mistress Around In Public 50 Cent Adds His Childish '2 Cents'» R.

If she did have anything to do with Stacy leaving that was a dumb move. Homosexual men can and do screw women but prefer men all day long. I have met him and he looks like shit (likes to dabble with the white). Half of them don't even try to hide the shyt » EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Bikini Clad Ke Ke Palmer Puts Her Ratchet Alter Ego To Good Use In 'Star'» EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Mehgan James From 'BBW: LA" Throws A WHOLE Fit When Her Non-Boyfriend Got Another Chick's Number» EXCLUSIVE SNEAK PEEK: Peter Gunz Tells Amina To Share The Blame In Sharing His Community D With Tara» Kevin Hart's Alleged Mistress Just Did A Press Conference With The THOT Union's Lawyer Lisa Bloom» Antonio Brown’s Son’s Mother Makes Deadbeat Daddy Claims, Says He Disrespects His Son!

I think it was about 2 or 3AM and we'd been shooting all damn day. I don't care if we're not friends, just don't try to f**k me in the interim. Real men don't have to SELL it has hard as he does and it's still WEAK.

Just recently, this fool Duane up and sold a building he and I bought awhile ago in Los Angeles, without asking...

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But one of the most-loved Hollywood couples has been doing it now for 20 years and promises to keep it together for another twenty.

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