Invalidating stale software suspend images Free registration fuck buddy

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Invalidating stale software suspend images

The most straightforward approach is to directly inform the in-kernel software suspend code (swsusp) to enter a suspended state; the exact method and state depends on the level of hardware support.

In particular, if "0" is written to this file, the suspend image will be as small as possible. There have been many reports about the screen going black without easily viewable errors or the ability to do anything when going into and coming back from suspend and/or hibernate.Filesystem type is: ef53 File size of /swapfile is 4294967296 (1048576 blocks of 4096 bytes) ext: logical_offset: physical_offset: length: expected: flags: 0: 0.. Sometimes the screen goes black due to device initialization from within the initramfs.Removing any modules you might have in Mkinitcpio#MODULES and rebuilding the initramfs, can possibly solve this issue, specially graphics drivers for early KMS.Actually hooking them up to power buttons or menu clicks or laptop lid events is usually left to other tools.To automatically suspend/hibernate on certain power events, such as laptop lid close or battery depletion percentage, you may want to look into running Acpid.

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