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Includes information on HIV basics, treatment, trials, disease, conditions, and living well with HIV.

Also contains discussion groups for women to share their experiences with one another.

Lesbian STD Home Page A project of the University of Washington in Seattle; goal is to provide information and resources regarding sexually transmitted diseases in women who have sex with women and to further knowledge about lesbian STDs through research.

The Well Project A comprehensive website created for all people supporting women living with HIV disease.

Extensive links, especially relating to grant writing and making.

International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) A private nonprofit organization in Washington, D. HIV/AIDS section features documents focused on women, HIV, and development.

World Health Organization Department of Gender and Women's Health The Department of Gender and Women's Health is charged with helping WHO's various programs and departments undertake the challenge of integrating gender considerations into their work.

Then I dove right into the questions that the women had given to me ahead of time. If someone makes you feel unsafe or unsure or uncomfortable or anything, you have a right and a responsibility to say no and to walk away. “How do I date without having to constantly explain myself? The trick is to practice saying it and not to be attached to a certain result when it comes to how what you have to say is received. ” A two-year study was done with serodiscordant heterosexual and homosexual couples.It was incredibly empowering and educational for me as a speaker and, from what the women shared with me, for them as participants as well. We are attracted to the people who reflect the vision of ourselves that we like see. Before we concluded for the day, we went over a few things to remember: 1. Global Coalition on Women and AIDS A UNAIDS initiative that seeks to stimulate concrete action to improve the daily lives of women and girls.The coalition focuses on preventing new HIV infections among women and girls, promoting equal access to HIV care and treatment, accelerating microbicides research, protecting women's property and inheritance rights, and reducing violence against women.

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So if you are not partnered, you may still want to use a condom whether you are HIV-positive or negative.

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