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It costs an awful amount of money to operate a dating site, believe us when we say NO dating site is totally free no matter what they tell you.

You can fail to believe us and continue searching for something that does not exist or change your approach.

To keep our mix of members even we regularly run special offers to attract a certain type of member.

At the moment we are offing 100% FREE full membership for women.

The Internet is full of dating sites advertising free membership, free registration and an abundance of fuck buddies waiting to jump into bed with you.Here at Shag Local we know exactly what it takes to secure the fuck of a lifetime..of rampant guys and girls to choose from, a huge variety of fetishes and sexual persuasions, and a quick and easy way to be introduced to your perfect ride.With hundreds of horny people signing up to Shag Local every day the choice of naughty partners is ever-increasing.If you have a mobile phone with a data package allowance you will realize the high price it costs when you go over your allowance.Add wages for technical support and wages for people to monitor that nothing illegal is being uploaded and we haven't even touched on the cost of security to keep members details safe from hackers.

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Why would a company launch a totally free dating site, what would they get out of it apart from a massive monthly bill for hosting and maintenance?

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