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There are no right and wrong reasons to breaking up.Everyone has to weigh what works and doesn't work for them individually.Instead of torturing yourself by over-focusing on your ex, feel good about your ability to commit to a relationship and start seeking one with an available and therefore suitable partner.This may, instead, reflect that you want the relationship to end, but you are conflicted about this decision.They will also be vulnerable to following in your footsteps by choosing romantic partners who are not truly available to them.If you are seriously struggling to move on, it might help to meet with a therapist who specializes in divorce.If the scenarios above sound familiar, it is quite possible that you are divorced on paper, but still emotionally married.If so, consider the following: This may reflect that you never wanted your marriage to end. If you did not want it to end and your partner broke it off, consider that it is never optimal to direct emotional or romantic energy toward an unavailable partner.

Many divorced parents take weekly family outings with their children and their ex.

I feel like I should be there with them, and we should be a family.

Rob is clear that he is not attracted to me anymore, but as I lose weight and get in shape, I keep hoping that his feelings will change.

For some divorced couples, their ex remains the very first person they call with good news or bad.

For many couples, this arrangement makes co-parenting easier and they frequently say it works for them.

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