Dating setups

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After the robbery, the men began "celebrating what they had just done," according to the report.

They later got in a fight over payment and smashed the TVs and threw away the i Phone.

City commissioners have earmarked 0,000 of CRA funding to try to help improve parking downtown.

(Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel) Derek Tooley, the City of Winter Park's only fulltime parking-enforcement officer, talks about his work at the Winter Park Police Department, Wednesday, November 15, 2017.

Your friend's not dating anyone and you think you have a guy for her. "Getting involved in other people's relationships is extremely tricky," says Barbra Zuck Locker, Ph D, a psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City.

Before you play Cupid, read these tips to make sure the setup goes smoothly and your friendship remains solid.1. Never presume a pal is unhappy just because she isn't attached at the moment.

Follow up if you must, but tread lightly: You may be dying to know how it worked out on your little love project, but they may not feel like sharing all the dirty details. " will suffice, and if they change the subject, don't press it. If you just know two people are right for each other, but they won't cooperate with your plan, let it go.

On the flip side, if you're the one who was set up, don't overshare to your matchmaker, particularly if you thought the date was a total disaster. This was never a set up situation, but my friends Emilie and Mike are clearly perfect for each other, and everyone in our group of friends knew it.

They went back to his place, and she texted him later: I had a good time and would like to see you again.

They also stole alcohol, jewelry and marijuana from Hilarie, the report says.

Ray warned prospective users to run internet searches on their dates before meeting up and also to retain a healthy amount of suspicion.

This only works if there's actually a reason they should be in the same room, like your housewarming party. Something other than "You're both single." Or heaven forbid, "You're both gay," the rudest, most stereotypical and unfortunately frequently used reason to set people up of all time.

If it's going to be an elaborate, obvious ruse to get them to the same place at the same time, just ask if you can set up an introduction or blind date. Run the idea of a setup by both parties before you get one party all excited about meeting his potential dream woman only to later have to tell him "Sorry dude, she said she's not into bartenders. You can't predict if there will be sparks, but you should at least think they'd have enough in common (again, beyond their similar lunch orders) to spend an enjoyable evening together.

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Um, other than perhaps a mutual love of turkey on wheat with a little mustard, what exactly do you know about these people that indicates they are a good match? Beware of the consequences: As in the situation above, people who work in the same office have infinite potential for awkward run-ins if the date goes poorly (not to mention they are both totally going to avoid your deli, whoops!