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We wanted maple, we wanted natural binding, but we didn't want anyone to be the least bit confused that the guitar they were buying was made in the USA factory.

Pulled out of its included high- quality gigbag, however, the SE Custom is initially disappointing.From the initial, and tentative, launch of just a single model - the Santana SE, back in 2001 - PRS's Korean-made SE line has grown to a nine-strong family.The latest two additions are the SE Custom and SE Soapbar II Maple.Of course, a considerable number of lower-priced guitars have, for many years, used figured maple veneers, as opposed to a thicker and much more expensive slab of solid figured wood, to emulate the look of more expensive Les Paul-style, or indeed PRS-style, guitars.But PRS, from the start of the SE project, has been more cautious than most about 'copying' its high-line guitars, worried that the brand could be devalued and that sales could be affected.

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It means that while the top is finished in grey black, and the sides and back are solid black, there's a visible natural maple edge of around 4.5mm - not as thick as the USA models but it more than alludes to that feature.