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That could cost the banking industry tens of billions of dollars.“This is the banking industry's tobacco moment,” says the chief executive of a multinational bank, referring to the lawsuits and settlements that cost America's tobacco industry more than 0 billion in 1998. As many as 20 big banks have been named in various investigations or lawsuits alleging that LIBOR was rigged.It’s Mr Narev’s job to put the people and systems in place to ensure his company, which incidentally is Australia’s biggest, operates to the highest legal, ethical and monetary standards. No wonder the calls for a Royal Commission into the banks are growing louder and no wonder the Government was able to impose an extra tax on banks in the Budget.They’re fast losing their social licence to operate.But this one is different, and Ian Narev and his senior management team may not be able to escape unscathed. Destroying shareholders’ money is a totally different story.Unlike customers, shareholders have a powerful voice. If the value of the Commonwealth Bank is seriously damaged by the money-laundering fiasco, you can bet they won’t take that lying down. I'm opening a bottle of Bollinger,” wrote another.What may still seem to many to be a parochial affair involving Barclays, a 300-year-old British bank, rigging an obscure number, is beginning to assume global significance.

It is used as a benchmark to set payments on about 0 trillion-worth of financial instruments, ranging from complex interest-rate derivatives to simple mortgages.Even the Commonwealth Bank’s staunchest critics wouldn’t have predicted this one. CBA is facing fines of about a trillion dollars for nearly 54,000 breaches of Australia’s money-laundering laws dating back to 2012. About seven times Commonwealth Bank’s market value.If it comes to that, it simply won’t be able to pay.Destroying thousands of people’s lives is not a sackable offence at the Commonwealth Bank.Will potentially destroying the bank be a sackable offence?

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For LIBOR, a borrowing rate is set daily by a panel of banks for ten currencies and for 15 maturities.

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