Datarow rowstate not updating mingle single dating

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Datarow rowstate not updating

A row can be updated programmatically by invoking its Updatemethod.

The Before Row Updateevent, which occurs before a row is updated, is generated before this event.

Note that this is not necessarily when the row loses focus, since various factors such as the type of record locking employed by the data source, as well as the value of the Update Modeproperty, can affect when the update occurs.

The Before Cell Updateevent is generated when a cell is accepting a new value.

After all validation has passed and the row is valid, the Row Updated event is raised.

Thanks You mention that inside the Row Update the Row State is marked as unchanged when infact it is marked as Modified.private void grid View1_Row Updated(object sender, Dev Express. This is what I think you do in the code you posted earlier. That's why you cannot continue editing it and prevent from being changed.If an error occurs while attempting to commit the changes to the data source, the Errorevent is generated.Following code shows some of the information available in After Row Update event.It gets the underlying Data Row associated with the row that was updated and prints out its Row State property.For this to work, the Ultra Grid must be bound to a Data Set.

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I have attached an event handler for Row Updated event. But the in the Update Row event, the Row States are correct.

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