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Chipper jones dating playboy model

Sports figure(s) involved: Adam "Pacman" Jones Year: 2007 Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones has worked for years to shed the ruined reputation that he earned during the early stages of his career.

His time with the Tennessee Titans was particularly tumultuous.

It all started back at Turner Field in Game 1, when retired Braves legend Chipper Jones threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

But rather than throw it to a current player standing in as a catcher behind...

She posed for Playboy Cyber in 2010 and used to go by the stage name of Lexi Ray Taylor. Read More By Steve Del Vecchio Former Atlanta Braves slugger Chipper Jones is known to do some pretty dumb things on Twitter from time to time, and the argument he had with one of his followers early Thursday morning was no exception.

Twitter user @thatgrayboy decided to call out Jones by claiming that Chipper snubbed him out of an autograph when he was 8 years old. Chipper Jones is the latest athlete to take the Twitter apology route after he jumped on the widely-debunked conspiracy bandwagon this weekend.

I’ve said some harsh things about Chipper Jones in the past, but, on Wednesday…dude got a pass.Jones was involved in an altercation outside of a Las Vegas strip club that resulted in the paralysis of the club manager and Jones' one-year suspension from the league. You can't just expect people to be handing a bunch of stray bills back to you.According to witnesses, Jones was seen in the strip club "making it rain" with Nelly (that's not a joke), but never had any intention to give up the money. Jones got in an argument with the strippers who were taking his money, and eventually got physical with one of them before being forced out of the [email protected] @Real CJ10 @lilgeorgiapeach @Braves Best wedding attire...The Atlanta Braves are bringing back one of the organization’s all-time great players.

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