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Chat forum pic sex

The Stats 182,602,864 posts and about 7,800 users at any given time.The Content We’re surprised that Nexopia still exists, let alone that it’s the fifth largest online community.They’re unique in that they cost 10 dollars to join; some people balk at the idea of charging money for a forum, but it’s proven effective in keeping away those who just want to advertise or cause trouble.

Sure, there’s probably more to it than stereotypes, but we think they’re the most important part.

And there’s a of content; any website that needs seven different forums just to discuss cars is either massive or terribly organised.

We’re pretty impressed by how big this place managed to become considering there’s no unifying theme to attract members like the rest of the sites on this list; we guess there’s something about having permission to ramble aimlessly that lots of people find appealing.

Say you want to talk about sports—there are plenty of discussion forums out there for you. But the following ten are so big they’ve become Internet landmarks.

The Stats 72,366,965 posts and about 200 users at any given time.

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