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The weather was changing from mid- Texas to the north [and Blackburn had to adjust his planned route].

The route was also IFR more or less direct from L35 to Brownfield Texas and was conducted at Flight Level 270.

He noticed the one of the tires was low and provided me a bottle of nitrogen to fill it up.

We had a length discussion [about some mutual friends, including some who had come to tragic ends.] We had a long talk about that and shook our heads with what a small world it was.

He said several times that he wanted me to tell him who the other two persons were and I said there were none.

I said again I was attending school for the recurrent training.[Approximately 27,000 feet] It was without a doubt a good fast flight at 300 Knots [usually there is a tailwind for planes headed west to east].The flight was planned for training purposes in the MU2 and for recurrent training to satisfy the requirements necessary to fly the MU2.The caller said I will call you right back see if you can delay his departure and hung up.As I entered the shop I asked him if that call was about me and he said "Well sort of".

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