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I used to talk about Ridhi with my sister, she said you are of a marriageable age and you have to get married someday so why don’t you talk to Ridhi. It was a straight wedding without engagement." “Yes, Ridhi and I are getting married and we both are completely excited about it.It's been a while since we are together and we get along so well.And when you are married to your best friend, things become easy.When asked about the best thing about being married, Ridhi exclaimed: "I have a friend in him for life! The best thing for me individually is that he wants me to evolve, grow and have an independent identity of my own.Even the proposal was a conversation, it just seemed like it's happening to us and we are flowing with it. He's got some plan for us.” It was on May 29, 2011 that the couple decided to tie the knot.It was a well thought out decision, and a fast one too, as they decided to get married straight away without any engagement ceremony.

She is amazing, and I am blessed to have her in my life." Ridhi and Raqesh are very similar in being very different from others.Our first scene was an intimate scene on a bed, and we broke the bed!We laughed it off and became really good friends, more like buddies.Raqesh explains: “We are great buddies off-screen; I think friendship is the basic foundation of our relationship.Initially, there was no courtship happening, it’s slowly when I realised it. We took a step ahead and finally we got married when we thought it was the right time to take to the next step of life.

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They dazzled the stage with their sizzling performances, but unfortunately, they had to leave the show following Raqesh's knee injury.

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