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In this story, titled "Titans Tomorrow: Part Two," the Titans return from a trip to the 31st Century of the Legion of Super-Heroes, but accidentally find themselves ten years into their own future.

Bruce Wayne (the original Batman) is dead in this possible near-future, and buried beneath a Christian cross. The choice of a cross for Bruce Wayne's headstone is not an accident, and was not a default choice.

It is an official symbol of the state of Maryland, whose colonial government was formed by Anglicans who had managed to gain dominance in the originally Catholic colony.

The cross bottony is often found on Episcopalian churches and associated with Episcopal/Anglican imagery, although it is not an #18 (2004), written by Geoff Johns, pencilled by Mike Mc Kone and inked by Marlo Alquiza.

It is reasonable to assume that, as with other people, Batman's precise beliefs, spirituality and relationship to God vary over the years, and sometimes shift depending on his experiences.

Newsweek also listed Spider-Man as a Protestant, The Thing as Jewish, The Hulk as a lapsed Catholic, Daredevil as a Catholic, Batman as a lapsed Catholic or disaffected Episcopalian and Captain America as a Protestant...

The An important part of Batman's religious history which is sometimes forgotten by the general public was that before donning the cape and cowl he travelled in the Orient for many years, studying in various monasteries of Eastern religions.

(Clark is the large man wearing glasses.) Commissioner Gordon restrains an angry Selina Kyle.

To the left of Clark can be seen Carrie Kelly, the new Robin, who is in on the plan and has come to retrieve Batman's body.

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Tim Drake, the contemporary "Robin" and member of the Titans, confronts his near-future self, who has taken up the mantle and costume of Batman. Perhaps the future Bruce Wayne will be more actively religious than the contemporary character.

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